Do You Have The 4 Pillars Of Merchant Support?

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Maximizing Your Revenue From Your Existing Merchant Account Is Our Expertise


We review your existing merchant account statements for overlooked and unseen risks and profit potentials.


We provide you with a comprehensive strategy to help you save time and maximize your profits.


We continuously execute procedures based on the four pillars of merchant account support.

Why Choose MyWatchmen?

MyWatchmen is one of the leading providers of end-to-end merchant protection and optimization solution. We help you secure the best rate, ensure PCI compliance, fight chargebacks and support your existing technology, so you can maximize your revenues and focus on your core business.

We are trusted by and work with a wide range of companies in many industries, who process at least $150,000 or more in credit cards each month, to optimize and protect their existing merchant account. Small businesses trust us to maximize profits and save them time.

If we cannot help you make more money, you pay us nothing.



What Are The 4 Pillars of  Merchant Support?

Don’t waste valuable time and money on inefficient merchant account support. Replace reactive solutions with a proactive team with unparalleled strategies, negotiation tactics and technical support, to ensure significant ROI and merchant account protection – guaranteed.

MyWatchmen ensures your company has the 4 Pillars of Merchant Support, which include securing your best rate, ensuring PCI compliance, fighting chargebacks and supporting your existing technology.

With the flexibility to work with your current merchant account and payment system, MyWatchmen has your back.

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I would highly recommend MyWatchmen to act as a merchant advisor to your company. They have demonstrated accurate and insightful industry knowledge. They worked very hard to earn our business and proved they deserve to keep it. They are very organized and continue to provide excellent customer experience. Their knowledge of the industry and strong negotiation skills have resulted in annual savings of approximately $90,000! They have also helped with auditing our merchant fees, increasing our security and being there when we need them. From my personal experience, there is no downside risk to doing business with MyWatchmen.  Their tactics and approach are seamless. Give them an opportunity to work with you; it will be worth your time.

– D.L., Director of Finance, EQ3 Ltd. –

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At first we were negotiating on our own with our current provider and thought we had a great deal. When MyWatchmen got involved, not only did they lower the cost further but they saved us a lot of time going back and forth provider to accomplish such results. All we had to do is supply the last 6-12 months of current statements, they did the rest. MyWatchmen has over a decade of experience in this space and are truly thought leaders in payments. I’m glad I have an expert on our side. Their analysis, recommended road map and there level of execution is on point. They ended up adding $28,585.00 per year to our bottom line. We highly recommend to have MyWatchmen by your side.

– Rodney’s Oyster House, Vancouver, BC –

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I am very pleased with the results accomplished and my working relationship with MyWatchmen’s team, it’s great having them by our side. Not only was the communication effective in the initial stages but the results after they stepped in and negotiated on our behalf were more than what we were able to accomplish on our own. MyWatchmen provided us with transparent numbers and updated list of deliverable’s along the way as they accomplished each task on our account whether it was savings on rates including AMEX, PCI Compliance, Chargebacks or Technical questions. We did not require internal resources as they handled the initiative very smoothly. It really shows that they have the expertise and level of professionalism in the space as their execution was quick and effective in saving our organization tens of thousands of dollars annually. We trust them with our merchant account and they have enhanced our relationship with our provider.

– Gary Combrink, Director of Finance, ContainerWorld –

We Save You Time And Maximize Your Revenue

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