Here are some of our most common inquiries. Can’t find a solution to your query? Contact MyWatchmen today.

What Is A Chargeback?

The Chargeback was introduced by The Fair Credit Billing Act of 1974*. It is a form of protection for cardholders against unauthorized charges found on their credit card statements. It can also be a complaint regarding goods or services they received from a merchant.

How Is MyWatchmen Paid?

It’s simple; If we don’t make you money, we don’t get paid. Our service looks for your inefficiencies, and makes them efficient. We charge a percentage of what we are able to save you on your monthly merchant account fees.

What Kind Of Security Check Does MyWatchmen Provide?

MyWatchmen will educate you about PCI Compliance. We will align you with who we believe are the leaders in the security industry in order to ensure that you are protected, and are up to speed with Visa/MasterCard rules and regulations. By assisting you in becoming PCI Compliant, we will be able to ensure that your payment platform is secure when it comes to storing credit card data.

How Does MyWatchmen Fight A Chargeback?

You will have a dedicated representative and team assigned to your account, who will build a strong relationship with you and your business. Your representative will ensure that your technical problems are addressed, so that you can continue running your business smoothly.

What If My Processor Has Never Heard Of MyWatchmen?

Your processor has likely not heard of our company, because we work for you, not the processor. We therefore maintain a professional approach when it comes to negotiating on your behalf, and become part of your team.